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Our Mission

  • Keeping Channels Open is a dynamic new initiative aimed at strengthening UK-EU-US dialogue & cooperation in the wake of the Russian war on Ukraine, Covid, Brexit, Trumpism and waves of populism and disinformation. It was launched in September 2020 as a cross-party, cross-border network by independent partners & the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.
  • Through a series of events, we are hosting multi-disciplinary groups of politicians, experts and stakeholders to debate how to cooperate on the most pressing issues of the day. This growing network is brainstorming solutions and reinforcing solidarity in the face disruption to our economies, cohesion, security, democracy and way of life.
  • Current topics include the West’s relations with China; Europe’s global engagement; ways to end Russia’s aggression and the Israel-Hamas war; improving UK-EU relations; dealing with geopolitical competition; strengthening climate change action,  economic security and technological progress; promoting democratic resilience; managing culture wars and disinformation.


Howard Dean
Former Governor of Vermont, Presidential candidate

The cultural affinity between Europe, US and UK is very strong, but there are real dangers ahead for our democracies and forces pulling us apart. We really need initiatives like Keeping Channels Open to help us strategise together in a dynamic way, and build momentum for solutions to the big challenges ahead.

Alex Hall Hall
Former senior UK civil servant and Ambassador

I’m happy to give a plug to this new forum aimed at sustaining UK-EU-US cooperation post-Brexit, to counter disinformation and heal divides. I’ve participated in several events – they have great people and produce excellent reports. It’s time to take back the narrative.

Peter Ricketts
Senior UK diplomat, fmr UK Ambassador to France

With relations between the UK and her European neighbours in need of repair, it is more important than ever to keep civil society channels not just open but vibrant. Keeping Channels Open is making a great and very welcome contribution to precisely that objective. I’ve been very impressed by KCO’s capacity to bring together a more diverse range of people than a typical think tank discussion. They deserve every support in their thought leadership!

Reza Afshar
CEO, Independent Diplomat

Organisations like Keeping Channels Open can help ensure connections are not lost in this era of political and social upheaval. More informal dialogues, like those run by KCO, can help strengthen collaborative thinking about how to face the growing threats from conflict and autocracy, and most importantly, help drive solutions that have greater impact.

David O'Sullivan
Former US Ambassador to EU

Brexit became like a ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’, with one dispute after another. It is hugely important to maintain a vibrant dialogue between all people of goodwill in the EU and UK in order not to lose sight of what unites rather than divides us. ‘Keeping Channels Open’ does just that, by providing a platform for discussion and debate for those interested in thinking beyond the present controversies towards a more constructive future relationship.

Heather Conley
President, German Marshall Fund of the United States

We all greatly benefited from Keeping Channels Open’s valuable moderation of the dinner session during our 2022 GMF Brussels Forum, on the theme of Transatlantic Cooperation After Brexit.

EU Delegation to the UK

We really enjoyed these insightful and informative seminars, especially on Ukraine and foreign and security policy. They were the perfect combination of participants and the way the discussion was managed was excellent.

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