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Peter Ricketts, Fmr UK Permanent Secretary & National Security Adviser; House of Lords
New Book: ‘Hard Choices: What Britain Does Next’
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Fiona Hill, Fmr. US Presidential Adviser; Brookings Institute
New Book: ‘There’s nothing for you here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century’
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Ben Rhodes, Fmr US Depy National Security Adviser
New Book: ‘After the Fall: Being American in the World we’ve made’
Alex Hall Hall, Fmr. Senior UK Diplomat & Ambassador
Interview with Texas National Security Review
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Alexander Downer, Fmr Australian Foreign Minister; Director, Policy Exchange
Interview with Condoleezza Rice, Former US Secy of State
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Radek Sikorski, MEP, European Parliament Chair of Delegation to US; Fmr Polish Foreign and Defence Minister
Author: Poland Can Be Better
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David O’ Sullivan, Fmr EU Ambassador to US & Nathalie Tocci, Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali
In conversation with Bart Szewczyk, senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund, on his book 'Europe’s Grand Strategy; Navigating A New World Order'
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Jonathan Powell, Fmr Downing St Chief of Staff, Fmr NI Secretary
Review of book by Michel Barnier, 'My Secret Brexit Diary'
Article – Jonathan Powell
Peace in Northern Ireland is in danger – Johnson’s lies and inaction offer no help